FAQ 's

Have questions before you get here? Well we’ve got the answers. 

1. When is monsoon season?

March and April are considered Hambantota’s rainy season but because it’s considered a ‘dry zone’, it receives significantly less rain than the rest of Sri Lanka. Rains usually pour for around 30 minutes intermittenly throughout the day during monsoon season, so if you experience the occasional shower, don’t worry. It’ll be done within a few minutes.

Where will I stay?

Hambantota is chock-full of hotels and guesthouses that fit your budget and requirements. Whether you’re looking for something by the beach, somewhere more quiet and remote, or luxurious, we’ve got your covered. Check this comprehensive list of accommodation to see what Hambantota has to offer.

Will there be internet?

Hotels and guesthouses offer complimentary WiFi, so there’s no need to worry about being disconnected. Unless that’s your plan for this trip! You can also get SIM cards for your phone widely across Sri Lanka. We would recommend using Dialog as it has the widest and fastest coverage.

Is it easy to get around?

You can get around easily by private car, tuk tuk, local bus, or motorbike if you’re feeling adventurous! Roads around Hambantota are flat, so rest easy. You’ll just hit the occasional pothole or two. Hiring a private car for long distances will be the most quick and comfortable, but local buses are the cheapest option. They can get a little crowded, so be warned. Tuk tuks are great for an easy and quick ride, but make sure you negotiate or have your taxi call ahead so you get a good rate.

What about dengue fever?

Because Hambantota is a dry zone, you don’t need to worry about dengue fever while in Hambantota. Mosquitos are still a local resident so make sure to pack mosquito repellent.

When’s the best time to visit Hambantota?

Hambantota offers year-round adventure, so we believe that any time is the best time. National Parks are open most of the year (they may take two weeks of the year off for annual maintenance), surfing and snorkelling are offered year-round at specific beaches, and special events happen during specific times of the year. There’s always something going on in Hambantota!

Is it always hot over there?

Short answer, yes. Hambantota offers a traditional tropical climate, meaning heat and humidity. Expect temperatures to hover around the 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) mark with 70% humidity. So remember your hat and water.

What if I can’t eat spicy food?

It’s difficult to avoid spicy food here in Sri Lanka, but you can always try to ask your restaurant waiter to make your dish less/not spicy. It might not always be successful, but we tried!

Do people tip in Sri Lanka?

Not typically, but if you’re in a Western restaurant, they’ll automatically include a service fee in your bill. If you’re at a more local establishment, you don’t have to tip but it’s always appreciated.